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How To Workout Like A Victoria’s Secret Angel


How To Workout Like A Victoria’s Secret Angel


In preparation for the biggest lingerie show of the year: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the models have amp up their workout routines to be in their best shape for the show. How to workout like a Victoria’s Secret Angels? Read on to find out:


A veteran on the show, Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima is known to be passionate about boxing and has been practicing it for over 10 years now. Since she’s been in walking in the runway for more than 15 years already, she definitely know the importance of being fit in ALL places since they will just be wearing what else? Sexy lingerie and extravagant wings. She works out every day before the show and a month and a half before the show, she does a lot of jumping rope.


Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge is another veteran to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She’s been walking the VS Runway since 2010 and knows that she has to amp up her usual Ballet Beautiful routine (which she practices all year round) for the show!


Cindy Bruna on the other hand, workouts every single day at the gym with a personal trainer weeks before the show. She knows how hard it is to get in shape for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and it’s okay to ask a little help (from a trainer).

2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway

Another Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show veteran, Behati Prinsloo loves to be active. An advocate of Pilates which she practices all year round. She also loves to swim and ask a trainer’s help if needed.


There you go! Getting fit really requires effort. So, BRB. Going to the gym now. 

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