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Steal Her Style: Beyonce


Steal Her Style: Beyonce


If there’s one pop superstar today that has surpassed and transcended everything it takes to become the most successful and the ultimate global pop phenomenon, it’s got to be Beyonce. A far cry from her Destiny’s Child days, Beyonce has definitely proven everyone how she reigns supreme in her every venture. Aside from being the ultimate performer, she’s also an entrepreneur, actress, and philanthropist. She’s also a fashion icon and high fashion designers are lining up to work with her. Her fight for women empowerment no matter what gender, color, and size shines through her outfits. She’s definitely embraced being curvy and ‘bootylicious’ as seen in her grace, class and confidence through her clothes. She’s not just a fashion icon, she’s an inspiring one. If you, like us, can’t get enough of Beyonce’s styles, we’ve narrowed and listed down some of her best looks.


beyonce 1

We may be already in Fall season, but this stunning and sexy outfit from Beyonce reminds us of hot summer days. She may have bared her décolletage in this outfit, but she still kept things classy and sophisticated by draping a white blazer over her shoulders. The white blazer definitely matched well with her floral print dress. She kept things more interesting with her choice of waves for her hairstyle.



On some days, Beyonce becomes human and dress up or dress down just like most of us. While we’re all used to seeing her all glammed up onstage at the red carpet or at events, seeing Beyonce dressed down is a breath of fresh air. For this look, she sported the tried and tested white shirt, jeans and sneakers combo. Her tight jeans accentuated her curves. She also cuffed her jeans to incorporate more style in her look.



This is how Beyonce looks like at the airport. While most of us just throw on a tee and sweats, Beyonce does it this way, jet-setter style. Oftentimes seen wearing monochrome, Beyonce is known for simple yet sophisticated styles with single-tone looks. She uses accessories, luxury bag, and add-ons to break down the monotonous neutral shades. We all know that the key to monochrome dressing is to mix and match different textures and fabrics. Just like for example, for loose tops and form-fitting bottoms, you can opt for structured, boxy outer layers. This gives the illusion of lines just like here in Beyonce’s look.

Channel your inner Queen Bey through this looks. Whether you’re in the mood for a toned down Beyonce or a glammed up Sasha Fierce, let Queen B be your style inspiration. Make sure your style’s on point through Beyonce’s looks. You’re sure to look and feel like a pop star royalty for sure.



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